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Meares Island Big Tree Trail Hike

All photos taken on October 12, 2022.

After the boat left, we found ourselves on this remote island, wondering what would happen if we got in trouble. The good news was that we had good cell reception and the skipper knew he had left us there and would come back looking for us. He would come back, wouldn’t he?

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Published by kagould17

Not much to tell. After working for 3 companies over 43+ years (38 years 7 months with my last company), I finally got that promotion I had waited my entire career for……retirement. I have been exploring this new career for the past 7+ years and while it is not always exciting, the chance to do what I want for myself and my family instead of what my company wants has been very fulfilling. Early on, there was a long list of projects in my “to-do” hopper and I attacked these projects with a vengeance for the first 9 months of retirement. Eventually, my brain told me that this was not what retirement was about, so it took me another 5 months before my industriousness again took over and I attacked another line of projects, this time somewhat shorter and less complicated, as well as many new projects related to the family weddings in 2016. After going hard for 6 weeks and 3 weddings, my body was telling me to relax, then the flu bug hit and as soon as that was done with me, my sciatic acted up. No rest for the wicked. In 2020 and 2021, the Covid 19 pandemic changed the whole retirement gig. I was lucky to not be still working, for sure. I enjoy photography, gardening, working with my hands, walking, cycling, skiing, travelling, reading and creating special photo and video productions obtained in my first pastime. I may never become wealthy in any of these pursuits, but I already feel I am rich in life experiences far beyond any expectation.

10 thoughts on “Meares Island Big Tree Trail Hike

    1. It was still one of the best days on that trip and we are so glad we did it. Benji was the only hiker that did not have to duck under fallen trees and he had a great time. My 2 sons had previously hiked this in the rain and B assured us we had the better hiking day. Skipper needed his money and that was a good bit of mutual assurance. Thanks for reading Lyssy. Allan


  1. The giant old-growth trees are truly a sight to behold, Allan. They are so tall and so broad, so old and so gnarled, that they make you feel small. I am so glad that First Nations fought the logging plans and the courts ruled that no logging would take place on Meares Island, saving the many trees that are more than 1,000 years old. I mean, how can anyone, in their right state of mind even consider cutting them down in the first place? Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva xx

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    1. Greed is a strange thing and can cause man to do even stranger things. As Joni Mitchell sang You don’t know what you’ve got ’til its gone. Hopefully the right agreement will be hammered out between Canada and the First Nations peoples, so this place can be enjoyed for years to come. Thanks for reading Aiva. Allan

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  2. What a magical little island. Love the fact that you have to take a water taxi to reach there, and that it has a protected status. It seems to be that perfect blend of beautiful but plenty rugged and wild. You caught the eagle just perfectly, while ‘the end of the boardwalk’ shot made me giggle. Lovely hanging moss fit for a fairytale and at first glance I thought the slug was a fish!

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    1. It is good news that you can only go to this island with purpose, thanks to the protestors and the First Nations stewardship of the earth. There were so many eagles around that day, but the trees kept getting in my way. At one point, we heard and eagle pair “singing” to each other. The End of Boardwalk shot looks like a something from a Far Side cartoon. It definitely got rougher after that. That slug was almost squish. Not sure what Benji the Wonder Dog would have done, had he found him. Thanks for reading and commenting Leighton. Happy Friday. Allan


    1. It was at this point we no longer felt bad about not stopping at Cathedral Grove on our drive in. Pristine old growth forest is the best. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan


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