Down by the Bay

All photos taken on May 14, 2022. Just because we had a long bike ride yesterday, did not mean we were going to sit around today. There were still a lot of familiar places to explore, before we left Vancouver. On this day, K and Benji also joined in. To continue reading, please click here.Continue reading “Down by the Bay”


All photos taken on May 13, 2022. We often ask ourselves “When will we ever learn?” with regard to some of the hike or bike options we choose to embark upon in our mature years. Today was no exception, when son B suggested a 50 km (31 mile) ride into the mountains of the SeymourContinue reading “Bikespedition”

Some Assembly Required

Photos taken on May 29 & 30 and June 25, 2022. When we were in Vancouver, we scoped out some new E-bikes at Rad Power Bikes. Our hope was to get folding E-bikes which we could transport in the back of our car, but also bikes that were be better sized to fit us. WeContinue reading “Some Assembly Required”

Buddies, Bubbles and Blossoms

All photos taken on May 28, 2022. The entire time we were away on our trip to the West Coast, we lamented the fact that we would miss blossom time on our Schubert Chokecherry. We needn’t have worried, as our the tree was full on blossoms, 2 days after we got home. To continue reading,Continue reading “Buddies, Bubbles and Blossoms”

Friends are Forever

All photos taken on May 12, 2022. Our first full day in Vancouver was a bit of a mixed bag. We did lots of walking, as evidenced by my first two posts. This post deals with the bits and pieces of a rather full day. To continue reading, please click here. Alternatively, click here toContinue reading “Friends are Forever”

Benji’s Lost Lagoon Refrain

All photos taken on May 12, 2022. Hey folks. Benji, the Wonder Dog here, but you can call me Benji the Wonder Dog. After the January Lost Lagoon fiasco, where my Gran Hoomins tried to steer me, this time I am going to steer this boat where I want to go. My Hoomin B isContinue reading “Benji’s Lost Lagoon Refrain”

End of an Era

Photos taken on a variety of dates. It is indeed a sad day and the end of an era. After 18 years in business on Whyte Avenue, our favourite restaurant, Langano Skies (Ethiopian cuisine) closed their doors to guests on June 19/22. To continue reading, please click here. Alternatively, click here to go to newContinue reading “End of an Era”

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