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Sittin’ Doin’ Nothin’

All photos taken on September 1, 2022. Most people tend to feel guilty if they are simply sittin’ doin’ nothin’, but after almost 8 years of retirement for me and almost 5 for Patty, we have come to terms with this strange phenomenon. We have also answered the question, “If you are retired, does itContinue reading “Sittin’ Doin’ Nothin’”


Making Magical Moments

All photos taken on September 1, 2022. Unpacking over, we could finally relax enough to go sit down by the lake and watch the sunset. This trip, we had managed to squeeze our folding camp chairs into the car, so we would be much more comfortable. To continue reading, please click here. Alternatively, click hereContinue reading “Making Magical Moments”

PLB – Our Mountain Home

Photos taken from September 1-7, 2022. We wracked our brains while we were here to try to determine how many times we have stayed at PLB – Patricia Lake Bungalows, since our first stay in 2002. We may have gotten close, but could not nail it down. To continue reading, please click here. Alternatively, clickContinue reading “PLB – Our Mountain Home”

Don’t Leave Home Without It

All photos taken on September 1, 2022. About to set off for 6 nights in our mountain retreat, we were diligent about making sure we would have everything we would need during our stay. We made lists, we added to lists, we checked and rechecked lists and when we were packing up, we crossed itemsContinue reading “Don’t Leave Home Without It”

Walk Toward the Light

All photos taken August 30, 2022. As has frequently happened in the past, the media section of my free Photo Drop WordPress site is too full of photos to add new posts. I still have an Analogue Adventures series in the Photo Drop blog spot, but will delay it while I post about more recentContinue reading “Walk Toward the Light”

Relocation Transportation Transformation Exploration – Part 2

All photos taken on August 24, 2022. …now, where was I? Oh, yeah, bike riding through the Edmonton River Valley. In Part 1, we left our intrepid duo (always wanted to say that) at the James MacDonald Bridge roughly in the center of Edmonton. To continue reading, please click here. Alternatively, click here to goContinue reading “Relocation Transportation Transformation Exploration – Part 2”

Relocation Transportation Transformation Exploration – Part 1

All photos taken on August 24, 2022. Since our first attempt of transporting our folding E-bikes in the back of our Prius V for a river valley ride on July 29, 2022, we have been trying to get up the nerve to do it all again. Several things had to align to allow this: ToContinue reading “Relocation Transportation Transformation Exploration – Part 1”

Dewy or Don’t We?

All photos taken August 23, 2022, during our weekly forest walk. Yesterday, our area was infiltrated by wildfire smoke for the first time this summer. The AQI was an 8 and not recommended for outdoor strenuous activity. So, we complied, while we looked for the best timing for this week’s Bunchberry walk. The 23rd wasContinue reading “Dewy or Don’t We?”

Making the Rounds

All photos taken on August 21, 2022. We alternate between rural and city rides, depending on the day and time we have. This day was an in town ride and with a few zigs and zags, we managed to pedal 25 km. (15 1/2 miles) in about 90 minutes. And in the time and space,Continue reading “Making the Rounds”