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Why Do We Live Here?

All photos taken on February 22, 2022. We have often asked ourselves this question. Long dark winters, blizzards, mosquitos and wildfire smoke in summer, and temperature extremes between -40C and +40C. We certainly can’t complain that the weather is always the same. To continue reading, please click here. Alternatively, click here to go to newContinue reading “Why Do We Live Here?”

Take a Gander at This

All photos taken on October 6, 2022. We were headed away for a road trip the next day and opted to take a spin around Beaumont on our bikes to see what was shaking, flying, landing, splashing, etc. The Canada Geese are still enjoying their daily routine of fattening up on spilled grain, practicing flyingContinue reading “Take a Gander at This”

Golden Time – The Gathering

All photos taken on September 26, 2022. If the weather throughout September has been nothing less than startling, then, the last week has been magnificent. Cool mornings but no frost and days warming slowly to record temperatures for this part of the world. We have been outdoors as much as possible, on foot, on bike,Continue reading “Golden Time – The Gathering”

Sittin’ Doin’ Nothin’

All photos taken on September 1, 2022. Most people tend to feel guilty if they are simply sittin’ doin’ nothin’, but after almost 8 years of retirement for me and almost 5 for Patty, we have come to terms with this strange phenomenon. We have also answered the question, “If you are retired, does itContinue reading “Sittin’ Doin’ Nothin’”

Calm, Cool & Connected

All photos taken on August 18, 2022. In the middle of a hot spell, we pondered what to do to get out and about. It would be too hot and sunny in the late morning/early afternoon to walk or cycle far, but, we couldn’t just sit around all day, avoiding this spell of good weather.Continue reading “Calm, Cool & Connected”

Sharing the Road

All photos taken on July 15, 2022 during a short cycle around the ponds in our city. A heat wave (for Canadians) has arrived in the area. Temperatures around +30 C (86 F) with a humidex of +35 C (95 F), not a breath of wind and the hot sun beating down did not enticeContinue reading “Sharing the Road”

Breeze, Wheeze, Trees, Geese, Tease, Unease

All photos taken on April 28, 2022. Our sense of timing for a walk to the lake was a bit off. The paths leading to the lake were busy and the High School Outdoor Ed. class were receiving canoe instructions. We were surprised the school instructors was not more cognizant that it was water birdContinue reading “Breeze, Wheeze, Trees, Geese, Tease, Unease”

On a Wild Goose Chase

All photos taken on April 20, 2022. It is funny the things you see after a late spring snow storm. We waited until the walks were mostly clear before walking down to the lake. To continue reading, please click here. Alternatively, click here to go to new Blog Site.

Battle Stations

All photos taken during our 4.6 km (3 mile) walk to Four Seasons Park and back. The forecast had been calling for rain and a rain/snow mix, starting at 4:00 PM yesterday, but not much of that appeared. However, the promised NW winds gusting to 50 k/h (31 m/h) did appear and had been howlingContinue reading “Battle Stations”


All photos taken on January 18, 2021 during a cold winter walk in our little city. At least, it was sunny!! ☀️😊 Yesterday was winter weather weather in spades. The morning started off with freezing rain, which left everything covered in a shiny sheet of ice. Going for groceries in the early AM, I backedContinue reading “Aftermath”