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On the Edge

All photos taken on July 10, 2022, during our 36 km. (22.5 miles) bike ride see son L and daughter A in Edmonton. Ever since we got the new E-bikes, we had been saying we should ride into Edmonton to see L & A. It appears the last time we got this adventurous was inContinue reading “On the Edge”

What’s in Bloom?

Photos taken on July 8 and 10, 2022. This idea started out with me out in the backyard, taking photos of the sunlit petals of my Mock Orange shrubs. They are always so glorious at this time of year and their beautiful citrus scent fills the air. To continue reading, please click here. Alternatively, clickContinue reading “What’s in Bloom?”

Lazy Sunday….

All photos taken on July 3, 2022. ….was what today was not. After breakfast, we set off for a walk to the North side of our city, basically on the edge of the country. It was a cool morning, but we soon warmed up, as we walked. The walk was short, only 3.5 km. asContinue reading “Lazy Sunday….”

Under Prairie Skies

All photos taken June 29, 2022. Today was supposed to be a day filled with rain, but the morning donned sunny and bright, so we saddled up our E-bikes and headed out to see the city before the rain started. Somewhere early in, I tried to turn on some mud and took a tumble. ToContinue reading “Under Prairie Skies”

Some Assembly Required

Photos taken on May 29 & 30 and June 25, 2022. When we were in Vancouver, we scoped out some new E-bikes at Rad Power Bikes. Our hope was to get folding E-bikes which we could transport in the back of our car, but also bikes that were be better sized to fit us. WeContinue reading “Some Assembly Required”