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Analogue Adventures – Tokyo to Osaka 1985 – Day 4

All photos taken on May 14, 1985. May 14 was our day to take the bullet train from Tokyo to Osaka. We took one last look out the window of our hotel and looked at all the white cars in the parking lot. Japanese culture has a saying “The nail that sticks out, gets hammeredContinue reading “Analogue Adventures – Tokyo to Osaka 1985 – Day 4”

Analogue Adventures – Orient Escapade 1982 – Hakone-Atami-Kyoto

All photos taken on April 29, 1982. We had to be up, packed and breakfasted early today, as we had a 10:00 AM booking on the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) from Atami station. Breakfast was in the hotel coffee shop and we were all soon loaded on the bus for the 45 minute drive through theContinue reading “Analogue Adventures – Orient Escapade 1982 – Hakone-Atami-Kyoto”