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Old Fort Point Hike

All photos taken on October 25, 2022. Our destination for our mountain hike was Old Fort Point. This hike is a 3.7 km (2 1/4 mile) loop hike with 137 m (450 feet) elevation gain/loss. Access is from Highway 16 was via Highway 93A and Old Fort Point Road. From the high point, it wouldContinue reading “Old Fort Point Hike”

Hard Water Lake

All photos taken on December 3, 2022. Today, it warmed up from – 26 C (15 below F) to -18C (0 F). WhoooHoooo! Heat Wave. There was also a wind chill, but you don’t feel colder from the wind, unless, of course, you are a human being. To continue reading, please click here. Alternatively, clickContinue reading “Hard Water Lake”

Tired of Driving Yet?

All photos taken on October 25, 2022. We pulled out of Valemount shortly after 8 AM, with a plan to do a hike in Jasper National Park on the way through. It was a pretty morning and we were happy that precipitation had stopped for now. To continue reading, please click here. Alternatively, click hereContinue reading “Tired of Driving Yet?”

Rime Time Hoar Show

All photos taken around my yard on December 2, 2022. A recent bit of snow coupled with high winds and some mysterious humidity created a frosty winter display of hoar frost rime on this morning. The frosty look matches perfectly with the frost temperatures of late – 26C (15 below F) feels like -34C (29Continue reading “Rime Time Hoar Show”

Winter City White

All photos taken on November 29, 2022. Patty’s Birthday! The winter weather has gone into the tank lately, making us have to think harder about the timing for our outdoor walks. With errands to run in Edmonton, we opted to do a short 7 km (3 3/4 mile) walk in the North Saskatchewan river valley.Continue reading “Winter City White”


All photos taken on November 22, 2022. This was our first walk here since November 11 and at first, it seemed to display a drab landscape. But once I looked closer, I saw things in a different light. Changing it up today with less landscape and more detail to reflect that. To continue reading, pleaseContinue reading “Remnants”

A Bunch of Time has Gone by!

All photos taken on October 31, 2022. Our last walk here was on August 30, 2022, just before Bunchberry Meadows closed for 2 months during the migration and ungulate rutting season. We had totally missed the colourful fall. To continue reading, please click here. Alternatively, click here to go to new Blog Site.

A Few Bumps Along the Road!

All photos taken on October 30, 2022. Not long back from our trip to the West Coast, we knew we were living on borrowed time. This nice fall weather would not last much longer. Due to all the work we had to do when we got home, it took us until today to free upContinue reading “A Few Bumps Along the Road!”

Take a Gander at This

All photos taken on October 6, 2022. We were headed away for a road trip the next day and opted to take a spin around Beaumont on our bikes to see what was shaking, flying, landing, splashing, etc. The Canada Geese are still enjoying their daily routine of fattening up on spilled grain, practicing flyingContinue reading “Take a Gander at This”