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Autumn’s Flying By

Photos taken on September 23 and 24, 2022. I know autumn only started at 7:03 PM on September 22, 2022, but it seems to be flying by, as strong autumn winds sweep colour leaves from the trees and keep the Canada Geese grounded. It has not been a real treat for our bike riding adventuresContinue reading “Autumn’s Flying By”


Dewy or Don’t We?

All photos taken August 23, 2022, during our weekly forest walk. Yesterday, our area was infiltrated by wildfire smoke for the first time this summer. The AQI was an 8 and not recommended for outdoor strenuous activity. So, we complied, while we looked for the best timing for this week’s Bunchberry walk. The 23rd wasContinue reading “Dewy or Don’t We?”

Making the Rounds

All photos taken on August 21, 2022. We alternate between rural and city rides, depending on the day and time we have. This day was an in town ride and with a few zigs and zags, we managed to pedal 25 km. (15 1/2 miles) in about 90 minutes. And in the time and space,Continue reading “Making the Rounds”

Calm, Cool & Connected

All photos taken on August 18, 2022. In the middle of a hot spell, we pondered what to do to get out and about. It would be too hot and sunny in the late morning/early afternoon to walk or cycle far, but, we couldn’t just sit around all day, avoiding this spell of good weather.Continue reading “Calm, Cool & Connected”

Sharing the Road

All photos taken on July 15, 2022 during a short cycle around the ponds in our city. A heat wave (for Canadians) has arrived in the area. Temperatures around +30 C (86 F) with a humidex of +35 C (95 F), not a breath of wind and the hot sun beating down did not enticeContinue reading “Sharing the Road”

Lazy Sunday….

All photos taken on July 3, 2022. ….was what today was not. After breakfast, we set off for a walk to the North side of our city, basically on the edge of the country. It was a cool morning, but we soon warmed up, as we walked. The walk was short, only 3.5 km. asContinue reading “Lazy Sunday….”

Under Prairie Skies

All photos taken June 29, 2022. Today was supposed to be a day filled with rain, but the morning donned sunny and bright, so we saddled up our E-bikes and headed out to see the city before the rain started. Somewhere early in, I tried to turn on some mud and took a tumble. ToContinue reading “Under Prairie Skies”

Among the Eagles

All photos taken on May 20, 2022. After days where we barely saw any eagles, today was another motherlode as we walked down by Port San Juan. It was like they were showing what we would be missing when we left. To continue reading, please click here. Alternatively, click here to go to new BlogContinue reading “Among the Eagles”


All photos taken on May 19, 2022. When we were planning our stay at Port Renfrew, Patty was giddy with excitement for me. She said, “Now you will get lots of photos of eagles.” I was excited too, to tell the truth. I saw an eagle flying by our ferry when crossing to the IslandContinue reading “En-Raptor-ed”

Exploration Date

All photos taken on June 20, 2022. We have been in a bit of a rainy spell of late, but managed to find a window to bike around our small city and see what was shaking. We call this route, the lake (actually, storm pond) loop and it is always nice to see what waterContinue reading “Exploration Date”