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Clearwater to Vancouver

All photos taken on October 8, 2022. In addition to having shorter travel days, our stop in Clearwater was supposed to yield us dinner and breakfast at normally inaccessible restaurants that were within walking distance of our hotel. Strike one was last night at the Hop n’ Hog BBQ joint which opened at 5 PM.Continue reading “Clearwater to Vancouver”

On the Road Again

All photos taken on October 7, 2022. Since Covid 19 began in March 2020, we have been driving back and forth between Beaumont and the West Coast, a distance of 1,186 km (738 miles), rather than flying. It is a long 2 day commitment, but there is some tremendous scenery along the way and forContinue reading “On the Road Again”


All photos taken May 25, 2022. Our hotel stay included breakfast. We are still not comfortable sitting in indoor dining areas, so I popped down to see what was on offer, before the breakfast opened. One other guest was pouring coffee and he had a mask on. Looks like the right vibe to me. MostContinue reading “Homeward”

Vancouver to Clearwater

All photos taken on May 24, 2022.‘ Given our experiences on previous trips along this route, we looked for a different place to split the trip and settled on Clearwater, about 1 hour 20 minutes past our usual Kamloops stop. This changed the driving time for day two to just over 7 hours. To continueContinue reading “Vancouver to Clearwater”