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Hoping for a Breeze and Some Shade

All photos taken on July 26, 2022. We skipped our weekly walk at Bunchberry Meadows last week. The bug jackets are fairly hot and sweating while beating off mosquitoes was not our idea of fun. But, today promised to be dry and cooler, so we got out early to do a morning walk of 8Continue reading “Hoping for a Breeze and Some Shade”

Itching for a Walk in the Forest

All photos taken on July 4, 2022. It has been a very rainy couple of weeks. Rather than risk worse weather later in the week, we changed our original afternoon walk plan to a morning walk in Bunchberry. The weather was cloudy, but mild, so off we went. To continue reading, please click here. Alternatively,Continue reading “Itching for a Walk in the Forest”

Walk Among the Roses

All photos taken on June 27, 2022, during our walk along the North Saskatchewan River near Devon. When we chose this trail, we were worried about not seeing as many wildflowers along this hike. But, if anything, there were more flowers, especially Alberta wild roses than at Bunchberry and Tucker’s. To continue reading, please clickContinue reading “Walk Among the Roses”

That Will Leave a Mark

All photos taken on June 27, 2022. Weekly walk time and I felt like it was time to wander Prospector’s Point, Devonian and River View Trails to see what they looked like all dressed for summer. We planned to only walk down and back up one set of 208 stairs, so hiking poles were requiredContinue reading “That Will Leave a Mark”

Wild Rose Country

All photos taken on June 21, 2022. Spring has now turned into summer at Bunchberry Meadows. Our walk changes quickly, week by week as if in a headlong rush to escape the inevitability of autumn and winter. To continue reading, please click here. Alternatively, click here to go to new Blog Site.

Connecting the Dots

All photos taken on April 28, 2022. With Bunchberry Meadows still closed and the newness of Prospectors Point, we opted to do a “completer” walk today. Our English friend calls this “Connecting the Dots” or “Closing the Loop”. This walk was not quite a loop, but there were some dots at the beginning. To continueContinue reading “Connecting the Dots”