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Vancouver to Clearwater

All photos taken on May 24, 2022.‘ Given our experiences on previous trips along this route, we looked for a different place to split the trip and settled on Clearwater, about 1 hour 20 minutes past our usual Kamloops stop. This changed the driving time for day two to just over 7 hours. To continueContinue reading “Vancouver to Clearwater”


Bagel Breakfast with a View

All photos taken on May 15, 2022. Today would be our last full day in Vancouver on this trip. Tomorrow, we were off to Vancouver Island for 8 days. We still had some hunting and gathering to do for groceries for our stay in Port Renfrew. To continue reading, please click here. Alternatively, click hereContinue reading “Bagel Breakfast with a View”

Down by the Bay

All photos taken on May 14, 2022. Just because we had a long bike ride yesterday, did not mean we were going to sit around today. There were still a lot of familiar places to explore, before we left Vancouver. On this day, K and Benji also joined in. To continue reading, please click here.Continue reading “Down by the Bay”

Beach Blanket Benji

All photos were taken on January 28, 2022. One of the things we knew would help out the kids was to take Benji the Wonder Dog for a walk. We knew one of his favourite places to walk was on the beach along English Bay. No arguments there. To continue reading, please click here. Alternatively,Continue reading “Beach Blanket Benji”