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Wild Pacific Trail (Big Beach to Rocky Bluffs) – Part 1 – Artist Loops

All photos taken on October 11, 2022. After our morning jaunts, we returned to Ucluelet for lunch and to see how K’s work had been going. Lunch over, we all set off by car for Big Beach to walk another portion of the Wild Pacific Trail. To continue reading, please click here. Alternatively, click hereContinue reading “Wild Pacific Trail (Big Beach to Rocky Bluffs) – Part 1 – Artist Loops”


Terrace Beach Resort, Ucluelet, British Columbia

Photos taken between October 9 and 15, 2022. Our home for the next 6 nights in Ucluelet was to be Cabin #6 at the Terrace Beach Resort. As with a lot of prime vacation properties on the island, this resort seems to be run by a management company, which rents out owner’s cottages, when theyContinue reading “Terrace Beach Resort, Ucluelet, British Columbia”

On the Edge

All photos taken on July 10, 2022, during our 36 km. (22.5 miles) bike ride see son L and daughter A in Edmonton. Ever since we got the new E-bikes, we had been saying we should ride into Edmonton to see L & A. It appears the last time we got this adventurous was inContinue reading “On the Edge”

Communication and Communing

All photos taken on May 23, 2022. A quick early run to drop B at the ferry and we got set to spend our final day in Victoria with Fada. As we had the tech with us, we offered Fada the chance to Skype with a few relatives and the connections were made. To continueContinue reading “Communication and Communing”

Fada Time

All photos taken on May 22, 2022. Yesterday had been a tiring day, so we thought it best to stay close to home. Grampa, or as Patty and I call him, Fada (an Irish acute accent like “É “used on long vowels in Irish Gaelic) needed a break. To continue reading, please click here. Alternatively,Continue reading “Fada Time”

Beaver Lake

All photos taken on May 21, 2022. Not ready to let this beautiful day go just yet, we stopped into Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park for a look-see. Every time we have come to the island by ferry or air, we have passed this lake and wondered…What is it like? Surprisingly, not even Grampa who hasContinue reading “Beaver Lake”


All photos taken May 21, 2022. From Michell’s it was a short drive through the hilly countryside to Island View Beach Regional Park. We had never been here before and neither had Grampa. While the paths were gravel, they were relatively flat and suitable for wheelchair access. To continue reading, please click here. Alternatively, clickContinue reading “Surf”


All photos taken on May 21, 2022. We had arrived in Victoria yesterday right at supper time and arrived at Grampa’s place bearing take out Italian food. While the food may have been fine, if dining in, it suffered in transport and Grampa lobbied us to take him to his favourite Italian restaurant instead. WeContinue reading “Turf”

Port Renfrew Farewell

All photos taken on May 20, 2022. I know what you’re thinking!. This is the longest goodbye ever!!!! Apologies, this last day down by the water was just to beautiful to ignore. To continue reading, please click here. Alternatively, click here to go to new Blog Site.

Benji Bye Bye

All photos taken on May 20, 2022. Benji, the Wonder Dog here. Somethin’s goin’ on today. I just can’t quite put my paw on it, but I sense a bit of stress and sadness. First, my pack seemed to be quieter, more wistful and a bit distracted. Oh yeah, I got my walk from myContinue reading “Benji Bye Bye”