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Rural “Seens”

All photos taken September 25, 2022. We realize our bike riding days are coming to a close with the onset of autumn. Soon, colder weather and eventually, the white stuff, will slow our roll. With the bright sunshine, we foolishly thought today would be a a good day for a country ride. And it was,Continue reading “Rural “Seens””


All photos taken on August 14, 2022. On August 9, 2022, when I was getting the bikes out to take them to the bike shop, I found the back tire on my bike was flat. I quickly pumped it up and rode it to the shop as quickly as possible, where it was again flat.Continue reading “233 TOO/TO/TWO?”

Changing Rural Landscape

All photos taken on August 7, 2022 on our 33 km (20 1/2 mile) cycle to the East. Good news! We now have a bike shop complete with bike mechanic in Beaumont. Our bikes were supposed to be checked for tightness and lubrication after the first 100 km. (62 miles) of riding. Trouble is, weContinue reading “Changing Rural Landscape”

Down on the Farm

All photos taken on July 19, 2022, during our 44 km return bike ride to Rolly View, Alberta. Some of you may already know about my farm background. During my early, formative years, Dad alternated between farming and working as a tree faller or carpenter. My earliest memories are of living on a farm andContinue reading “Down on the Farm”