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All photos taken on April 3, 2023. With BBM closed, we returned to Elk Island Park for this week’s version of Shinrin-yoku. The weather was better on this day, so our total drive time was about 55 minutes, nearly double that of the drive to BBM. Apologies for the inconvenience, but, due to either anContinue reading “Amisk-ksimA”

BBM on Pause

All photos taken on March 28, 2023. With the impending spring closure of our favourite forest, we rushed to get one last walk in before April 3. It was another blue sky day and while the temperatures were below the normal average for the year, the walk did not disappoint. You may have to goContinue reading “BBM on Pause”

Amisk Wuche

All photos taken on March 25, 2023. As we drove through the big fluffy snow flakes, it was hard to believe that this day had started off relatively sunny. On our return trip from Bountiful Market this AM, Patty had thrown out the suggestion of driving to Elk Island Park for a walk. We haveContinue reading “Amisk Wuche”

Hiking on Borrowed Time

All photos taken on March 23, 2023. Spring is coming or so we are told. We have been waiting for the spring closure notice to go up on the website, but it is late this year. However, on arrival at Bunchberry Meadows this morning, a notice was posted stating that this year’s spring closure willContinue reading “Hiking on Borrowed Time”

Where the Wild Things Are

All photos taken on March 23, 2023. Sorry folks. I still have a few winter-ish posts left and will blast through a bunch, before resuming posts on Nice. Thanks for bearing with. During Covid 19 restrictions, Bunchberry Meadows walks were all about social distancing and exercise. While we still keep our distance and we stillContinue reading “Where the Wild Things Are”

It’s Going to be a NICE Vacation! – Hiking the Chemin des Douaniers

All photos taken on June 11, 2011. There are 2 coastal hikes on Cap Ferat, Chemin des Douainiers (literally Customs Road), colloquially “the Smugglers Path”, as some would try and land goods or contraband on the coast to avoid taxes or detection. The other shorter path Promenade des Fossettes (translates as Dimples Walk). We choseContinue reading “It’s Going to be a NICE Vacation! – Hiking the Chemin des Douaniers”

Another Month – Another #@&?ing Idiot Light

All photos taken on March 21, 2022. Welcome to the first full day of spring? Strange title, I know. 5 weeks ago, we were going for a downtown city walk, when the check engine light came on, so we turned around and headed to the dealer to check it out. Our city walk chance vanished,Continue reading “Another Month – Another #@&?ing Idiot Light”

That’ll Give You a Headache!

All photos taken on March 15, 2023. Another blue sky morning at Bunchberry Meadows today. Winter has not yet loosened its hold on us, but there are signs spring may be coming. That being said, we started off our walk in -14 C (7 F) temperatures. To continue reading, please click here. Alternatively, click hereContinue reading “That’ll Give You a Headache!”

Watch the Birdie

All photos taken on March 9, 2023. Another weekly walk in Bunchberry. Another unusually cold day. Starting off at 10:00, Am, the temperature was -18C/feels like -26 C (0 F/feels like 15 below F). When will this cold spell end. To continue reading, please click here. Alternatively, click here to go to new Blog Site.

Sunny Bunch

All photos taken on March 1, 2023. After our recent stint of sunny +30 C days, this post seems strangely juxtaposed. However, the weather has cooled off and the promise, just the promise of rain is on the horizon. We need it desperately. A warm-ish day was promised today with the daily high of -8CContinue reading “Sunny Bunch”