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Red Sun, Blue Jay

All photos taken on July 28, 2021 from my upstairs window. Wildfire smoke tinged skies and red suns have become the norm these days. While they may seem pretty, devastation lurks. Even the blue jay’s colour seems changed. Red Sun, Blue Jay © Out my window at end of day what a strange show, redContinue reading “Red Sun, Blue Jay”

Fall Colours?

All photos taken on July 27, 2021, during our walk through Tucker’s Field and Bunchberry Meadows. Fall Colours? © Oh no, this just cannot be, what is it, that I now see? Red, yellow and orange leaves, tall, dry grass ready for sheaves. Thistles grow tall and hairy, bush branches, full of berries. It’s notContinue reading “Fall Colours?”

Water Hole

All photos taken on July 30, 2021. Water Hole © Down at the water hole, all the birds take their ease, cool water is calm and there is barely a breeze. Out in the middle, there begins a strange ripple, one chick, two chick, hey wait, am I seeing triple. Languid dog days of summerContinue reading “Water Hole”

Back Yard or Garden?

All photos taken on July 14, 2021. A lot has changed since then. Blooms and garden are mostly done and fallen leaves litter the lawns. Sigh. Back Yard or Garden? © Tanka Back yard or garden? Depends on your point of view and where you come from. Either way, our oasis is more than worthContinue reading “Back Yard or Garden?”

City Cycle Cuteness

All photos taken on a short bicycle ride around our little city on July 14, 2021. The day was promising to be hot and after a short morning walk to do errands, we had no desire for a longer sweaty walk. After tidying up a few things, we headed out on our bikes to seeContinue reading “City Cycle Cuteness”


All photos taken on our July 12, 2021 hike of Bunchberry Meadows and Tucker’s Field. Its Just Seasonal © Sauntering along gravel hiking trail, into forest, fully covered in green, summer’s heat wave seeming to make views stale, wild flowers plots were few and far between. Deeper in, colour drops lined grassy path, defying explanationsContinue reading “Seasonal”


All photos were taken on July 25, 2021. Our sojourn into Jasper was pretty hectic. People and cars were everywhere. I dropped the ladies off to pick up our take out and circled the block to await their return. Food collected, we set off for the public washrooms. I chose the usual washrooms with theContinue reading “Reverie”