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All photos taken on February 6, 2022. I must admit, Jasper National Park and the Alberta boundary were a welcome sight. We were thrilled to reach the Eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains and be only 4 hours away from home. This was our 9th trip along this route in under 2 years. To continueContinue reading “Parked”

Nothin’ But Blue Skies From Now On

All photos taken on February 6, 2022. At long last, the fog seemed to burn off and we were left with sunny blue skies and very wet roads. We were lucky to have lots of washer fluid with us, as we had to continually use the wipers to clear the windshield. To continue reading, pleaseContinue reading “Nothin’ But Blue Skies From Now On”

I Haven’t the Foggiest

All photos taken on February 6, 2022. Given that it was a good 10 hour drive from Kamloops to home, we were up early, so we could leave close to first light. I grabbed some things from the breakfast room downstairs and brought them back to the room. We opted to go to Starbucks toContinue reading “I Haven’t the Foggiest”

The Snow-Quihalla

All photos taken February 5, 2022. Just before shutting down my laptop the previous evening, I again checked all the weather reports along our route to home and was disturbed to see that 10-15 cm of snow was predicted between Hope and Merrit and that this could affect our drive home. Knowing that forecasts haveContinue reading “The Snow-Quihalla”


All photos taken on March 2, 2022. Walking through Bunchberry to get away from the current news cycle, I realized that the trees in the forest are of much better character than many narcissists, who masquerade as world leaders. No need to say more, the definition and the photos say it all so much better.Continue reading “Character”

Bridging the Divide

All photos taken on February 28, 2022. Our lethargy and our lack of enthusiasm for walking a long distance on icy sidewalks took us into Edmonton for a short walk today. Parking at the Kinsmen Sports Centre we walked North across the new Walterdale Bridge on the East side and then back South on theContinue reading “Bridging the Divide”

What a Howl!

All photos taken on February 28, 2022. Boredom, malaise, lethargy, whatever you opt to call it, it is a terrible thing. As winter dragged on, Covid sapped a lot of our enthusiasm and recent world events have just about finished us. It was one of those “why bother days” when I suggested we go onContinue reading “What a Howl!”

Blue & White Day

All photos taken February 25, 2022. As the winter weather dragged on, we got less and less interested in trying local walks along icy paths. Having purchased some new nanoSpikes from MEC, we set off this day on a route along the North city boundary to give them a try. The temperature was about -7Continue reading “Blue & White Day”

Quick Reminder

All photos taken on April 20, 2022. Sadly, over the past 7 years, I have many late April posts with a recurring theme……winter white instead of spring green. The phrase I have coined for this phenomenon is “Spring on the installment plan.” For those youngsters out there, before the advent of widespread credit, credit cards,Continue reading “Quick Reminder”