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March Mists

All photos taken on March 5, 2022. Winter sunrises can be quite beautiful, but the one I captured on this March morn was unexpectedly beautiful. After cold temperatures and 15 cm (6 inches) fresh snow, the cold air was full of ice fog and hoar frost covered the winter scene. To continue reading, please clickContinue reading “March Mists”

Road Trip – Subtle

All photos taken on October 7, 2021 from our cottage at Sooke Point Ocean Cottage Resort. Subtle  © Staring silently seaward, seeing subtle sunsets superseding sparkling sunrises, several souls sit silently, soaring seabird scenes suffusing, seals swimming shoreward, shadows shrouding scenery, shining stars saturating saturnine skies, stillness settling slowly, simply superb! Shipping Seabirds shelter SlipperyContinue reading “Road Trip – Subtle”