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That’s Entertainment

All photos taken on September 2, 2022. Another evening, another trip down to the lake…. To continue reading, please click here. Alternatively, click here to go to new Blog Site.

Sittin’ Doin’ Nothin’

All photos taken on September 1, 2022. Most people tend to feel guilty if they are simply sittin’ doin’ nothin’, but after almost 8 years of retirement for me and almost 5 for Patty, we have come to terms with this strange phenomenon. We have also answered the question, “If you are retired, does itContinue reading “Sittin’ Doin’ Nothin’”


S’mores & S’unset

All photos taken on May 19, 2022. What better way to end the perfect day than with S’mores on the back deck and then a walk down to the inlet to watch the sun set. After all, we had brought the roasting sticks from home, we had marshmallows, chocolate and biscuits left and a backContinue reading “S’mores & S’unset”

Benji’s Training Day

All photos taken on May 14, 2022. Benji, the Wonder Dog here. You can call me Wonder, if you like, ’cause, you will wonder where I am going, what I am sniffing, what I will be barking at and will I come when called. I like to keep my pack of Hoomins guessing. Its whoContinue reading “Benji’s Training Day”

Road Trip – Subtle

All photos taken on October 7, 2021 from our cottage at Sooke Point Ocean Cottage Resort. Subtle  © Staring silently seaward, seeing subtle sunsets superseding sparkling sunrises, several souls sit silently, soaring seabird scenes suffusing, seals swimming shoreward, shadows shrouding scenery, shining stars saturating saturnine skies, stillness settling slowly, simply superb! Shipping Seabirds shelter SlipperyContinue reading “Road Trip – Subtle”

Road Trip – Nightly Ritual

NOTE: This post contains slideshows and if you are viewing on your phone is best viewed direct from the SITE, rather than in the READER. All photos taken on October 6, 2021, at Sooke Ocean Point Cottage Resort. I do not think I need to say any more than……………. Nightly Ritual © An amazing viewContinue reading “Road Trip – Nightly Ritual”

Road Trip – Living In this Moment

All photos taken on October 5, 2021 at Sooke Ocean Point Cottage Resort. From the moment we set foot in this place, we knew where we would be at the sun’s going down. We either finished dinner and then sat facing the blinding sunset or dined with plates on our lap, not wanting to missContinue reading “Road Trip – Living In this Moment”