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Meares Island Big Tree Trail Hike

All photos taken on October 12, 2022. After the boat left, we found ourselves on this remote island, wondering what would happen if we got in trouble. The good news was that we had good cell reception and the skipper knew he had left us there and would come back looking for us. He wouldContinue reading “Meares Island Big Tree Trail Hike”

Meares Island Water Taxi

All photos taken on October 12, 2022. While it is not always necessary to make a booking for this water taxi, it is advisable. The cost of the return trip is $40.00 per person, with $5 of each fare being paid to the First Nations who live on the island. To continue reading, please clickContinue reading “Meares Island Water Taxi”


All photos taken on October 12, 2022. Today dawned bright and sunny and we were off on a big adventure to Meares Island. (separate post) But, before this excursion, we had to drive from Ucluelet to Tofino, a distance of some 40 km (25 miles) and 35 minutes. To continue reading, please click here. Alternatively,Continue reading “Tofino”