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Hard Water Lake

All photos taken on December 3, 2022. Today, it warmed up from – 26 C (15 below F) to -18C (0 F). WhoooHoooo! Heat Wave. There was also a wind chill, but you don’t feel colder from the wind, unless, of course, you are a human being. To continue reading, please click here. Alternatively, clickContinue reading “Hard Water Lake”

Rime Time Hoar Show

All photos taken around my yard on December 2, 2022. A recent bit of snow coupled with high winds and some mysterious humidity created a frosty winter display of hoar frost rime on this morning. The frosty look matches perfectly with the frost temperatures of late – 26C (15 below F) feels like -34C (29Continue reading “Rime Time Hoar Show”

Owl Be Seeing You in all the Old Familiar Places

All photos taken on March 8, 2022. If you don’t like the weather here, just wait 5 minutes is an oft heard refrain in our part of the world. We were conflicted on whether to do our weekly forest walk today or not. The forecast promised a mix of sun and cloud and limited orContinue reading “Owl Be Seeing You in all the Old Familiar Places”

What Goes Up………

All photos taken on March 6, 2022 We’ve all heard that saying…”What Goes Up, Must Come Down”. It can refer to a variety of things, such as hiking in the mountains, climbing a lot of stairs, firing a gun up into the air, well, maybe a bit less on this last one. To continue reading,Continue reading “What Goes Up………”


All photos taken on February 6, 2022. I must admit, Jasper National Park and the Alberta boundary were a welcome sight. We were thrilled to reach the Eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains and be only 4 hours away from home. This was our 9th trip along this route in under 2 years. To continueContinue reading “Parked”

Nothin’ But Blue Skies From Now On

All photos taken on February 6, 2022. At long last, the fog seemed to burn off and we were left with sunny blue skies and very wet roads. We were lucky to have lots of washer fluid with us, as we had to continually use the wipers to clear the windshield. To continue reading, pleaseContinue reading “Nothin’ But Blue Skies From Now On”

I Haven’t the Foggiest

All photos taken on February 6, 2022. Given that it was a good 10 hour drive from Kamloops to home, we were up early, so we could leave close to first light. I grabbed some things from the breakfast room downstairs and brought them back to the room. We opted to go to Starbucks toContinue reading “I Haven’t the Foggiest”

March Mists

All photos taken on March 5, 2022. Winter sunrises can be quite beautiful, but the one I captured on this March morn was unexpectedly beautiful. After cold temperatures and 15 cm (6 inches) fresh snow, the cold air was full of ice fog and hoar frost covered the winter scene. To continue reading, please clickContinue reading “March Mists”