Patricia Lake, Jasper – Autumn 2020

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Welcome to My New Site

I have been blogging for almost 7 years, since my retirement. Because I always choose the Free WordPress option, I have to move on as soon as the 3 Gigs of Media Storage fills up. This is blog #8. If you followed me here from my last blog, thank you very much. If you are a new reader, welcome. I hope you enjoy reading my posts. Please like, comment and follow, if you do.

This blog site, all posts, prose, poetry and photos are the property of K. A Gould (unless otherwise noted), © all rights reserved.

Stanley Park Saunter

All photos taken on May 14, 2022. A pleasant place to walk any time. To continue reading, please click here. Alternatively, click here to go to new Blog Site.

Down by the Bay

All photos taken on May 14, 2022. Just because we had a long bike ride yesterday, did not mean we were going to sit around today. There were still a lot of familiar places to explore, before we left Vancouver. On this day, K and Benji also joined in. To continue reading, please click here.Continue reading “Down by the Bay”


All photos taken on May 13, 2022. We often ask ourselves “When will we ever learn?” with regard to some of the hike or bike options we choose to embark upon in our mature years. Today was no exception, when son B suggested a 50 km (31 mile) ride into the mountains of the SeymourContinue reading “Bikespedition”

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